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The Promenade at Towne Center



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
First I'd like to say just how fantastic the Promenade at Towne Center is at maintaining the worst service possible. Kudos. My roomate and I have been living here for about five months and I must say that it has been nothing but a total nightmare. The landlord and all of the office workers have been anything but helpful, and everytime we try to come in to discuss a problem they either talk down to us like we're children, or aren't even there. None of the neighbors even try to keep the noise level down. Kids are unsupervised and literally scream at all hours of the night. There's trash everywhere, and there have been quite a few arrests of convicts in the complex itself, so you know that the neighborhood is anything but safe, and the infestation of roaches, silverfish, different species of spiders, beetles, centipedes, ants, and tiny black bugs with antennas (we aren't really sure what they are), are simply disturbing. When we came to visit the Promenade they advertised many different kinds of rooms, but only had models of two kinds, the one bedroom one bath, and the two bedroom one bath (the bigger size). When we looked at the rooms we were impressed and asked what the differences were between the bigger two bedroom one bath and the smaller two bedroom one bath. We were told that the ONLY difference was that the cupboards in the smaller one were brown instead of white. When we signed the lease they assured us that we were getting a good deal and that the room was in great shape, but said that they could not show it to us because the previous tenants were still using it, and would be out shortly. About a week before we moved in they told us they had to move us to another room because the tenants never moved out, but again assured us that the other room was in good condition. They, of course, lied. The room had not been used in many years, and it showed. The carpet has stains all over, there was no trim and had huge gaping holes in the wall, the heaters are falling apart, and the cupboards are SO old, that they are literally rotting. The smell coming from them is so discusting that being in the kitchen is almost unbearable. And to top that off, they didn't even clean the room for us before we moved in, and there is years of grime on top of our fridge and our cupboards. They actually admitted when we asked them that they were supposedly going to clean it the day we moved in. Who planned that? And afterwards they just had an "oh well" attitude about it, and it then became our problem. What they should have done is move us into a room that was actually ready because the one we were going to move into wasn't up to health code standards yet, but they didn't care. Roaches are constantly running around INSIDE the cupboards and all over the kitchen and bathroom, and I have found many of them on our plates and in our silverware in the past. I now eat from store bought paper plates and plan to buy tubs to keep all of our kitchen ware in, because cockroaches carry diseases and this should not be touching anything we eat with. Everytime we try to talk to the office about these problems they become EXTREMELY offended, as if their service is so great and how dare we question their work. The pest control never helps, and even when we don't request their service (mainly because it doesn't help in the least bit) we still get a monthly pest control charge. When we tried tell the office about our terrible pest control problem, they said, and I quote, "That is not our problem. Take it up with pest control because we have better things to do." They also told us that our total cost for utilities should round up to around $50.00 total, but that is pretty much our water bill alone. We barely use the water, we buy store water bottle because the water in our apartment has dust in it and tastes terrible. There's no reason our bill should be as high as it is. They always close early and they have work orders backed up from months, stated by an actual worker. We are first time tenants, and we were decieved with flashy photos and false information. It's hard to believe that a business can stay up and running when they don't care about their tenants' health or well being in any way shape or form. I sincerely hope that if you read this that you won't consider moving to the Promenade, they charge hundreds of dollars more than what the rooms are worth, and they will do their very best to take your money, but take no responsibility.
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The Promenade at Towne Center

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