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Vista Park Apartments



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
Update: They blamed me for the break in. Also please see all my photos on Google maps I am here to write about things I observe just around the complex its self. I will not write my opion of the staff or management company at all. But please people be hesitant to move here. So the complex its self is dismal at best. Ever dumbster is always over flowing everyday because of the addition out side people using them as a landfill. Non of the extirior doors lock any more and are all falling off to the point that they are now dangerous. The extirior windows are almost always broken. Kids are always playing in the hall ways and throwing thier trash. Vegrants come and live in the laundry rooms and piss in the corners. The fire alarm goes off more often then the sprinkler system for the grass!!!!. The office doesnt adhear to thier own hours. There are constant burglaries. I wish i could make this longer but they limit my review but I will also tell you that they tried to bribe me for a good review instead of this truthful one.
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Vista Park Apartments

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