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Vista Park Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2020
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Office Staff
I have been a resident here for 3 years. At one point from when I moved in things seemed to start to turn a corner and management was great. Buildings looked clean. Management was friendly and respectful to all who lived here and put out so much for our community to know that they were there for us. I have struggled since July 2019 to now. I am not sure if management changed or if dealing with the population of residents has become overwhelming. Rules about smoking were put in place but never followed. You can call the office, but since these smoking incidents occur when I get home from work around 5, the office is closed and no one can come "do something about it", so much for the fee they are enforcing for violating this rule. My neighbor smokes in her apartment all day and I have a 3 year old who has to endure that second hand smoke consequence, because these walls are thin. Also the pest problem only gets worst. Let us not forget that the building parameters also look dirtier and dirtier. Is the office staff looking around? The thing that made me decided to just write this was an event during this pandemic. During this pandemic, the staff seems to only be interested in people getting their bills paid, on time, or ahead of time. So far so that they send out emails with promotions, "win 500 rent credit win 250 rent credit". Awesome right, well after making a call simply asking about how to know whether or not I had been entered to win, I got a call back saying that 100 dollars would be deducted from Aprils rent and May's rent. 100 dollars, is 100 dollars during these times. I called today because when I wanted to pay my rent, I did not see the credit. After being on the phone for a few minutes I was informed I received false information and pretty much a " Oh well, sorry, it was someones bad". This tells me someone on the staff is incompetent to know or understand their own promotions. Simply because I forgot who gave me this information they will continue doing their job, incompetently (shame on me for not writing this persons name down). If simple communication amongst a small staff is difficult, no wonder this place is a hot mess. The office staff can not get it together and they do not know what they are doing, do not expect better from them. Aside from this mix up the woman I spoke to had no regard for this mistake towards me, a customer. Does no one have any skills in their role? When a mistake is made it is not up to the customer to shake it off, the business or establishment must amend their wrong, well not at Vista Park. I understand working with people is difficult, I have a job where I too must do it, however it also requires professionalism when speaking to people and not rude disregard. Spend a couple 100 more on rent and go to elsewhere, you'll thank yourself in the long run.
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Vista Park Apartments

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