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Bear Creek Apartments at Williams Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2005
This place isn't perfect, I'll say that right off the bat. However, this place isn't really all that bad. Yes, the rent is expensive. Parking is a joke, especially since they don't really ticket people who dont pay their absurd rates. And yes, some of the furniture is not all that great. Musn't forget about the terrible plumbing system. The internet cap of 250 mb of transfer sucks. Mail is ungodly slow. But this place does have some finer points to it. <br>Most of the funiture is pretty decent (I only have the personal chair). You can borrow dvds, games use their big screen tv if you want. Their maintentce works promptly (kind of annoying that they come in whenever they want, but it was in the lease). We get a computer room with a color printer (great for printing out mass pages of things you need for class). The CAs try to keep it quiet (I have never personally had a issue with them, they do NOT at like RAs in dorms. they only act on REALLY annoying and loud people). Its nice to have a washing machine room on every floor of the apartment. <br><br>Also, I really don't understand why people bash the buff bus so much. You don't HAVE to take the bus, it isn't that long of a walk to campus (maybe 30 min at max). Or you can bike. Look at any other apartment complex. You either have to take the RTD bus, drive yourself, bike, or walk. Hmm.... whats the difference?
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Bear Creek Apartments at Williams Village

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