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Bear Creek Apartments at Williams Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
Although Bear creek is not perfect, it is very adequite for college living. Yes, bear creek is sometimes loud but that is not the fault of the management and staff. Yes, Bear Creek halls sometimes smell like weed but once agian that is not the problem of the management and staff. For those of you that complain about being treated like children, quit acting like one. Stop punching holes in the walls and breaking airvents open. Stop spray paiting the grounds. The residetns are what makes the apartments nice. And for those that complain about the maintenance...I am good friends with the maintenance staff and that don't give a rats --- about what you have in your apartment, never have they entered a room to "search" for stolen items and they ALWAYS knock on the door loudly then anounce with "maintenance...bear creek maintenace" before entering the apaprtment. yes, they sometimes come early in the morning (9:00) but if they had to wait until all college students were out of bed they would never get anything done. for what Bear Creek offers it is a nice place to live. If things are wrong around the building be assertive and think if abotu whether or not it is the managements fault that residnce break the rules.
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Bear Creek Apartments at Williams Village

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