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Buffalo Canyon



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 12/28/2005
Some people complain about the heat/gas ovens and heaters/and the thing walls. What these people don't mention is that this is one of the cheapest and nicest(for the price) apartment complexs in Boulder. My roomate and I did some shopping for an apartment to move into before we found this place. The other ones that we looked at for this price were horribly maintained, not very close to major bus routes or campuses and the employees were -------s.<br><br>When I first moved into these apartments 2 years ago, I moved into the older/cheaper versions that were far away from the Office. Our heater went out 5 times, we had a small gas leak the first week. But the maintinence was always very prompt, eventually they gave us new heaters. The apartments do get hot durring summer, but with 1-3 fans in the place, it stops being a problem (plus the pool helps). Canyon Creek has mostly college students and are not surprisingly that loud.<br><br><br>My roomate and I have moved into the newer/expensive apartments and we are on the bottom floor(just like the older apartments) and the only issue was bed bugs. It did take them a while to get to it, but that is only because it was the holidays everybody was very busy. <br><br>Overall my experience there has been good and a lot better than the other reviews would imply. The only bad thing I would leave this post with is that the apartments is that they have not done a spectacular job of clearing the ice out of the parking lot(which there is always a space in) and they do not have dish washers, washer/dryer and air conditioner. But if you want that luxury feel free to pay $250 at any place else in Boulder.
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Buffalo Canyon

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