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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
This place advertises "peace of mind", luxurious living close to entertainment and shopping but in reality it is just a dorm alternative for noisy CU students. Every night of the week you hear 18-20 year olds partying, screaming, bumping into walls, playing loud hip-hop music, talking outside the patio while smoking a joint at 3:30am, and that smell gets into your bedroom upstairs thanks to poor insulation. I am 30 years old and remember my time in college well, I had lots of fun and I probably was as noisy as my neighbors are now. But fact is that I pay a lot of money now to no longer live in a dorm like situation. Stonegate recently changed management from Archstone (bad) to Equity (worse) and the place is just going down the hill. There are four apartments on my floor and CU students occupy the other three. The person next door loves death metal and leaves his smelly trash outside the door probably waiting for a maid service to pick it up (yummy flies!), the girls across from him get drunk and talk in the hallway (and leave their trash out, too), and the others run up and down the stairs and smash the apartment door in the middle of the night. Unfortunately I have to get up early every morning to make a living. I am tired at work because I don't get any sleep. I don't blame kids for being kids but Stonegate for advertising peace of mind when all they care about is money. It doesn't matter who is moving in as long as their parents pay the rent. Thanks to the geographical closeness to CU, Stonegate won't be out of business any time soon.
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