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Echo Ridge at Metzler Ranch



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
Before I start you should be aware that I had not the need to rent an apartment for over 20 years. I am pretty shocked by the changes. The apartments as a whole were not bad, and apartment living as a rule has many drawbacks such as walking in other peoples' dog mess and listening to their crying children (especially the ones who bang their cribs on the walls at 3 in the morning). Paying for locals to use your dumpsters and swim in your pool always sucks but such is the case here. You will pay separately for your water, sewer, trash, electric and gas (I was also put into a unit where I paid $35 a month for the pleasure of using their already installed washer and dryer) so be aware this will not be part of your rent with Echo Ridge. All of this I can easily get over. Upon exiting my rental after two years, I find that not only have they managed to chew up all credit available from the 'security deposit' but they want even more. Beware when working your original wall-thru sheet that you put down every very minute problem with the apartment (not that this will save you a dime in the end). In my case they went thru $375 deposit and expect an additional $60 to cover 'cleaning'. While I freely admit they will need to repaint the walls (had not been freshly painted before I moved in and I was not overly careful in 2 years of living), I detest being asked to pay for new carpet when the carpet was so horrible from the moment I moved in that I had to buy large rugs to feel comfortable in the living room. Also, when doing your final cleaning you had better be super diligent or they will find reason to charge you to re-clean what you spent hours cleaning. As a final word, I would say it's not a bad place to live, just very expensive to get out of unless you stay at least 3 years. If you plan on doing that, make sure you get a unit with new carpet and new paint because you will be paying for it when you leave and might as well enjoy new carpet while you are there!
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Echo Ridge at Metzler Ranch

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