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Apollo Park Executive Suites



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Beware this place is a very bad bad place run by very bad people! There are two sides to every story but THIS is my story. We were kicked out because they said we did not pick up our dog poop. We are very responsible dog owners and we always picked up our poop, when confronted about a $40 fine for not picking up our poop three employees were all yelling that we had to get out and now. Then the fat man behind the desk jumped up and lunged and me and scream at the top of his lungs to get the hell out now get out now. Then the manager said I am calling the police and the police came and said we had to get out now! We had three loads in a mini van plus having to get a new place to live, they came to the door knocking and wanted to know when we were getting out, then fat man at desk called and told me to get out now or they were chargeing me for another night. They are NUTS! We had never complained, never caused any problems and were a good paying customer and they kicked us out over dog poop! they were all screaming and yelling and threaten me the whole time. I was demanding answers and did use the word bull ---- but in no way did I ever threaten them. But I was threaten many times. They are to provide all your items like toilet paper are to be supplied, one week the maid did not leave us any and when we went to office to get some we were told we had our quota for the week. The so called manager allowing the fat man desk clerk to yell and lunge at me was very unprofessional and lacking in many management skills.. But I heard serveral times how she was the manager and she could do what she wanted, again very poor management experience. The place is filthy dirty, broken down and run by very bad people. I asked for the owners name or corps name and that was none of my business??? I feel anyone paying for this kind of help should really know what they are paying for. I have been self employed for 32 years and I appreciate any time a customer wants to tell me something that they don't like. I have added pictures, please look at them. I have also contacted the better business bureau, the colorado housing, the states attorney, so please check with those web sites to follow up on this. They are called a Hotel so they can do this legally but some people and business should not be in business and Apollo Park is one of those. To kick someone out for dog poop that was always picked up and allow people to live in these conditions, someone needs to step in and do something.
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Apollo Park Executive Suites

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