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Bella Springs Apartments

1050 Milano Point

Colorado Springs, CO 80921



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
Looks nice when you drive past and seems like a good compromise if you commute between Colorado Springs and Denver but unfortunately you quickly realize this place is actually really just stuck out in the middle of windswept desolate nowhere and unless you work at the AFA you are cut off from just about everything.<br><br>Other bad points include the comically rude office staff who seem to be trapped in a continual war of attrition with the renters. Yes, they literally DO roll their eyes at you and yes you WILL come home one day to find them snooping through your apartment.<br><br>The apartments themselves appear to have been made from cardboard and spit which makes them not only noisy (you can hear the people above you walking around) but freezing cold in winter. They are big apartments but very draughty. Everything either breaks the moment you touch it or is broken when you move in and you WILL be charged a fortune for this.<br><br>Another bad point is that the apartments may not be renting as well as the owners would like which I understand has resulted in special deals being offered to local students. These renters I guess are the ones responsible for a lot of the litter and noise. I have seen people drinking and throwing bottles from the balconies and also apparently smoking drugs.<br><br>It makes me wonder who is making the positive comments about Bella Springs and you can draw your own conclusions about this. In contrast a lot of the negative reviews ring very true for me - in particular the rudeness and snooping, litter, noise and flimsy construction.<br><br><br><br>
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Bella Springs Apartments

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