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4125 Pebble Ridge Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
4125 Pebble Ridge Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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Cobblestone Ridge

4125 Pebble Ridge Cir

Colorado Springs, CO 80906



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Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended

Reviewed 04/01/2002

The deposit that you give these people, you will not get back because you have to foot the bill for the upcoming utilites (Great American Utilities) even after you have moved out. Though this is not written in the lease agreement they try to con their way into making an excuse to keep that deposit. This is after you have given ample notice to Great American Utilities that you are moving out and also the apartment complex. There is also not enough parking for two vehicles. If you have two vehicles you have to park one on the other side of the apartment complex and risk vandalism and theft from not being able to view your vehicle. Also if you have a problem ,say for example with a water heater leaking, it takes them about a month to get someone there to fix it. Which to me is unprofessional. The cost of the apartment is too much. It is not a luxury apartment but you are paying a luxury price. All that you are really paying for is the indoor pool, the recreation room, and the view of Cheyenne mountain. It is like paying for ocean front property. The apartments are not that nice but the are not the ------. When I moved in the phone line in the kitchen and the phone line in the bed room were two seperate lines and you had to pay to have them fixed if you wanted them to both be conneceted on the same line. The carpet that is layed down is very cheap and so is the flooring in the kitchen. Also, I have found on two occasions black widow spiders in my apartment. One was crawling from inside my sink in the bathroom and the other was on my window sill in my bedroom. The lock on my door has yet to be fixed and also the door knob and I have been here a year and if you are wondering yes I am waiting on my lease to be done so I can move the hell out. The only good thing about this apartment complex is it is right at Ft. Carson. The first time you get here they will show you a sample apartment that is fully furnished and you will think that is what you apartment will look like but it is nothing compared to the ones that they put you in. The design is not the same. Also you have to pay for two different utility bills one is Colorado Springs Utilities and the other is Great American Utilities. When you pay for the electricity and the water it is not yours alone, you are paying for the whole Bill to everyone in that unit split in half. For example if I never have any lights on and I burn candles for a month, I will have the same bill as when I used alot of light. That is because the meter reader reads the meter in the unit and then splits the bill by how many tenants are in the unit. They also bill more if there are more than one person living in that apartment. So, think twice before you decide to stay here. One more thing, if you want lighting you better have alot of lamps because this complex does not believe in light fixtures in the apartment. You only have three light fixtures in the whole apartment and those are in the kitchen and in the bathrooms if you have more than one. There are none in the bedrooms and none in the living room. Good Luck!
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Cobblestone Ridge

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