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slunk76 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 03/12/2007
I felt it was rude for the prev person who has issues with the building to invalidate my review. I am not part of management. My opinions are my own and are honest. I have no one i know personally that works in management. Like in any other complex you will find happy and upset people for various reasons. I dont have much of a reason to be unhappy. I personally dont know of anyone else I've talked to who has had issues but of course that's just me. It's very annoying when someone has issues with something and decide to invalidate other people's opinion. It clearly shows character for that person. I've lived here since July '06. I had some confusion happen on the price of a unit when I first moved in with the former Asst. Mgr but that got settled very well. I've only had minor issues with neighbors with noise (slamming doors extremely hard at 2am) but the office staff took care of it quickly. Maintinence guys are very compentant but they do tend to respond a little slow. (i dont have many maint issues to speak of). The walls are very well insulated. I've had neighbors blast their home theater and/or stereos and it's barley noticable in my unit. The parking situation was good when I moved in but it leaves alot to be desired. I get home around 6pm and find it very hard to find parking. If you go out on a weeknight and come back chances are you'll have to find a spot near the entrance. The pool is a little small but functional as well as their business center. Their fitness center is also adequete. I feel they should start offering alot of the empty parking spaces/garages for free to tenants who plan on renewing their lease.This would make more paking available. The fire alarm here gives you a great piece of mind. They use a redundant system. all the units have sprinklers along with the usual smoke detectors. On top of that they have a whole buidling fire alarm where if one unit were to catch on fire all the unit's alarms would go off. This is great considering the fires apt's are prone to. Not a bad place to live in. I would reccomend it.
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