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Eagle Ridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
I've lived at Eagle Ridge for a year. We chose this place over the internet and moved here from out of state. At first it seemed nice, but come to find out we were poorly informed. There have been many thefts since we lived here from cars being stolen to storage room theft and we fell victom as well. None of this was disclosed to us. All was found out from neighbors. Later we learned that 1 of our neighbors on the same floor was a drug dealer and another neighbor was harboring a convicted felon/drug addict which ended up being the cause of all the theft. They have since moved out and it is become quiet again, but still I feel uneasy. <br>Maintenance-they do cheap work and are seldom on time. The head of the maintenance seems to be more interested in scoring chicks in the complex. I recently found out that there is a 24 hour-maintenance call line which I was never informed of at the move in date either.<br>The office staff-the head manager is very nice and helpful. I can always count on her. I've had no luck with either of the other women in the past. <br>The entire building overall has extremely bad plumbing. Water is constantly leaking in the hallways and garage to the point that on some days the garage walls look more like a concrete water feature. I wouldn't be surprised if this entire place is filled with the deadly black mold. The noise level is the worst I've experienced. I can hear everything to my neighbors, the elevator bell, to people even talking outside. To the point that I feel I could carry on a conversation with them. <br>On a good note, you do get alot of square footage for the money and it is a very convenient location.
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Eagle Ridge

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