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Lincoln Springs Apartments



Resident · 2010
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My husband is stationed @ Fort Carson, We have a home outside of Colorado and because were married he is not allowed to stay in the barracks. Neither on of us knowing anything about this area he goes to look @ an apartment in Lincoln Springs. My husband was there during the day and no one was around that lived in the area. He asked the Leasing manager Jessica what the area is like, the neighborhood, safty, ect. She imformed him that it was good, that they do criminal background checks on all the tenants and that there were a little bit of rift raft across the street, but basically suggested nothing to worry about. He signed a lease on Friday, moved in on Sunday and then moved out on Monday, thats how bad it was. In less than 24 hours, this was his experience: multiple gun fire in the middle of the night, someone tried removing hub caps from bran new car, broke drivers side front ring, prob realized they were stock (a kind of plastic) and left it that way because there would most likely be no street value, the day there were moving in some friends came over to help them unpack, (husband n wife, but the wife came by after work) was being sexually harrassed in the entrance to the building, people hanging out in the doorway most of the evening, one neighbor cornered him, knew he was in the service (but my husband was in street clothes) asking him all kinds of questions about being in the field as if trying to find out how long and when my husband would be out of the apartment, people were in the parking lot smoking pot, had one of the neighbors who was hanging in the hall ask him why he would move into the hood and then a female tenant told him that she had recently been grabbed by a security guard in the hall, she said she hit him and ran and didnt even know if this security guard even worked there because she had never seen him before. My husband went to give the keys back and asked about some of the neighbors to this Jessica person and she ask why my husband didnt report this person because this person was not suppose to be there like my husband was suppose to know that when he moved in and out within 24 hours. they let him move in on a military special $200.00 (security deposit $99.00) and that was suppose to cover firsts months rent because my husband and his roomates credit came back good, if their credit was not good then they would have had to pay the last months rent up front but now because hes breaking his lease she said he had to not only pay full price but first and last months rent. she told me there was a $375.00 break lease fee when the contract states its only $150.00, plus she said she was going to charge him the $575.00 rent every month until they are able to rent the apartment. My husband tried to work with them but they refused and was very greedy. I googled the area and found abt 27 different articles about the chelton and fountain area: shootings, homicides, robberies, drivebys, gang activity, DUI cop got killed, random people getting jumped coming and going to there cars by groups of people, 16 articles about Lincoln Springs alone. Saw articles stating that even veteran polices offices were just shaking there heads in disbelief of the activities of that general area, but theres just a little rift raft across the street. Please learn from our mistake, if you value your life or posession DONT MOVE THERE!!!
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Lincoln Springs Apartments

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