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The Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain



Resident · 2016 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Worst place to live. Had issues with loud neighbors and an unprofessional staff. The breezeways always had bird crap all over them and they never fixed anything. The apartment was unclean and not made ready when we moved in. Yet they want to charge you for full cleanings when the apartment is cleaner now than when you moved in. The staff worried more about goofing off and playing on their cell phones than anything else. Actually had to wait for one girl to finish her personal conversation on her cell phone with her grandma before she would even acknowledge me standing there. Oh and the water bill amount is nothing close to the amount they say it will be about. we were told like $60-$70 and it's more like $150-$200 because they charge you a fee and don't tell you about it. For our move out they had a newer person do the move out inspection who couldn't tell you if you would owe anything and didn't write anything down just looked around and said this looks good to me, the next day another person went in and now we owe almost $400. Unprofessional in every way from their customer service to their way to short summer dresses. Lairs and cheats. Just an FYI the NAA of Southern Colorado offers classes to be better at your job. Highly suggest you all take them.
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The Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain

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