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The Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain



Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
I have to say this is one of the most ridiculous situations I've been in so far. On April 2, I got online to pay my rent and the payment system they use was not showing a balance. This is only my 2nd month of residence here so I just paid what I paid the previous month. Apparently I owed $100 more due to utilities so my account was charged an addition $166 in concession and $75 late, then $10 per day in additional late fees! Luckily I checked on the 7th to see if the account information had been updated on the site, because I never received any type of phone call or written notice. I immediately contacted the leasing office and was told that she could reverse the charges but to talk to the manager on Monday as it was closing hours on Friday when I contacted them. I just left the leasing office and was told there was nothing they could do to reverse the charges. Regardless of what the system says I should know what to pay since it's in my lease and I should've just calculated an additional $100 for utilities! Why would I do that when I pay precisely what's owed each month. I'm a financial advisor that deals in absolutes not approximate values! $404 later I AM NOT Happy with my decision to move here with incompetent staff and unreasonable management with ridiculous fees. This is absolute robbery!
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The Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain

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