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The Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain



Former Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
Whoever moves into 1795 Presidential Heights apartment 518, please read. When looking at the neighborhood, scenic views, and the floor plan I'd have to give this place five stars. After moving we noticed the high utilities, limited free parking, obnoxious neighbors, and damages, they deserve zero stars. Where to begin, when applying here we were told we weren't allowed to take a tour of their showroom as it was a two bed and would look nothing like our one bed. For weeks I requested to see our specific unit, but after failed tour attempts, the same excuse was it wasn't ready. After they had our money, they allowed a tour the day before move-in. When moving in we did a thorough inspection, finding that multiple things were broken or damaged. Day one a super glued part broke off the bottom of the microwave. We noticed that the icemaker never shuts off, creating an excessive amount. Both faucets in the shower and kitchen never turn off. When addressing the issue, I was told, "it wasn't a big deal as we all share the water bill". How’s that even an excuse? Thankfully they were prompt about the issue and fixed it mostly. They had metal edging and tacks exposed everywhere the carpet met with a new floor surface. Again, they were quick to send a guy out to try and correct the issue. When doing so, they ended up cutting the carpet revealing all tacks. After ripping my socks and my dog threatened due to her paws we again needed this fixed. Their solution was to place a metal strip which should have been done so in the first place. While there the guys made black marks all along my walls and dripped and tracked oil across my carpet. Now they needed to hire another company to clean my carpets. The kitchen cabinets and drawers were falling apart and hard to open. Now, remember most of these issues occurred before ever moving in. All while this was happening Kera the Assistant Property Manager contacted me stating they had lost my key. She then asks if I or the other tenant could drop by and let them make a copy of our keys. My then explanation was let me "lose' your keys for your place and see if you'd want someone then making a copy of it as well. So, I requested a new lock as a lost key is not acceptable in an apartment complex. A few months in we discovered all the smoke detectors had been unplugged. After our first month of rent, we noticed that our utilities were high. For our one bed, we paid no less than $130 while at a different place a two bed was no more than $80. While vacuuming in the living room, it would trip a breaker, and we couldn't figure it out. With having an electrician in the family, we quickly resolved the issue with his help. While there he noticed that with nothing running it was pulling 12 volts. We quickly discovered the utility door on the balcony was hot and had hot air pushing through the vent. If you look further, you'll find there is a space heater hanging and running full blast always. So, your heating Colorado Springs more than anything and creating a potential fire hazard. I have spoken with a lawyer and nowhere in your lease do they specify the heater and how it's your responsibility to pay for it. Unfortunately, with other issues happening I was not able to sort this out. For months I noticed I was feeling very ill as well as the other occupant. With already dealing with chronic health problems this became an emergency. It took me five months to discover the infestation of black mold in my bathroom. After informing management, they offered me three different options. The three options were to stay, move out with no penalty, or relocate to another unit on the property. The last option wasn't even an option at all as they said nothing was available in my current price range. So, we had less than a week to find a new home, work fulltime jobs, pack and move out. When assessing the mold, they never had an air quality test done and just sprayed it with bleach. After that, they discovered there had been a pipe that was leaking behind the drywall. When the plumber was repairing the leak, water apparently went everywhere. He then went to my closet and grabbed two of my towels to dry it up. Before the repair job you could see that this is a reoccurring issue as there were multiple poor patch jobs done. When repairing the hole, they only ended up hiding it than fixing it. There's a metal door above the shower that when opened you can see a presence of mold everywhere, which is still there. So, if you live there now be aware your health may be affected by black mold. On top of this, we had threatening neighbors above who created issues from the start. Due to the bass and loud tv, our neighbors below us would rattle the floor and bed while laying on it. The neighbors above us are extraordinarily loud. I get you have noise in an apartment, but they were obnoxiously loud. One Saturday morning I was playing music and shortly after I began to hear banging on my door. I opened the door to find the guy upstairs fuming how his girlfriend’s trying to study and were too loud for her to concentrate. Instantly he tried to intimidate me by flexing his muscles and going back and forth ending up in my place. Since I didn't want him yelling and coming into my place anymore, I shut the door on him. Imediently after that, he began, of course, to get all neighbors outside to see what was happening. He began calling our number out and saying how f**king great it'll be living near us all while screaming. Since then our neighbors were out to get us. Following my car would be blocked in, keyed, and the continuous banging. We would argue about our neighbors, and they would call the police stating someone was being abused physically. The police were called twice for DV. Both times they acknowledge that we were madder that they were called then we were at each other. A few days before Christmas someone put a DV card on our door seeking help for victims. When discovering this, we went to speak to our neighbors and figure this out. The tenants below us were understanding and stated their concerns and what they were hearing from everyone else in our complex. Overall, they were great and the best yet. Everyone else would hold the police over our heads and with any noise, they said they'd call for violence. A few weeks ago, the nasty lady upstairs came banging on my door for five minutes furious all over me pulling my shower curtain too hard in result making a loud noise. I didn't answer the door as she was only there to complain, so she went back upstairs and banged around and came back to my door banging and leaving a note behind. The note was disgusting and harassing, threatening to call the police next time she hears another sound. Due to her and her boyfriend's hostility, we went to management and expressed our concerns with the situation and the fact they have a dog that's never on a leash and has gone after my dog. The response Stacey gave me who’s the manager was, what do you want from me? I can't put the leash on their dog or deal with this. How about you call the police then? So, after getting nowhere and no help I did end up contacting CSPD, but they wanted to come out to do an investigation and speak with me as well as try and speak with our neighbors. Obviously, with their temper, I never did that as it would only cause bigger issues. So, after all this happening and moving out, we left a note for the upstairs neighbor. The note was not harassment nor threatening, simply sarcastic and how we're happy to never live under them again. Wellbeing the couple they are they reported it to management and blasted us on social media. They stated we had rubbed dog crap all over the note. When in fact it was a gag gift spray that was applied. Totally harmless and not illegal. Last week I received a letter stating I'm no longer allowed on their property. If I'm seen there, charges will be pressed. So, whoever moves here if you're not a meathead you'll never have protection from the main office. If your dogs don't like being bombarded by other dogs off leashes, this isn't the place for you. No one has their dogs on leashes or cleans up after them. Most of the parking is covered that's great except each spot is $50 a piece. If you don't get home early or have a covered spot you'll most likely have to walk far. Overall the neighbors under us were mature and compromised, now for everyone else they acted very immature and rude. Pros: Scenic views Great floor plan Lots of grass Quick response time to maintenance requests Cons: Nosey rude neighbors Charged parking for most of the place Rude staff A space heater in your utility closet most people are not aware of running full blast 24/7 Poorly maintained parking lot Terrible trash disposal. No one has common sense and knows how to run a trash compactor. But staffs to incompetent to put up an information sheet for operation. They penny pinch you and you'll end up spending over $200 more a month than expected
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The Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain

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