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Woodland Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/28/2002
We´ve lived here for over 5 years now. It was ok at first when Joanne was manager. But she got promoted and it´s gone downhill ever since. The management sucks; they´re ignorant, inconsiderate, they lie, and there is favortism going on here. Maintainance is ridiculous. You say something is wrong and 99% of the time it never gets done. Then when they do come to fix it, they don´t do it right. Sound travels through these apartments like the walls and floors were made of paper. I hear phones ringing, people watching the news in the evening, people walking up the stairs. Our unit backs up to Woodmen. We can´t open our doors becasue of the noise and exhaust. Parking sucks. There are at least 5 cars in the lot, taking up space, that don´t run and no one works on them. They always say they´re going to tow them, but nope, they´re still there. And the residents are getting worse too. I see the police here more and more often. We´ve had two cars broken into due to the poor lighting in the lots. Don´t move here, please. For your own sake. You can get better for less money. Don´t move into any place managed by Sentinel. They´re as bad as the on-site managers. This complex has gone down the tubes. Rent else where. I´d put zeros for everything, but they don´t have them on here.
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Woodland Hills

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