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Advenir at Stapleton

8008 Montview Boulevard

Denver, CO 80220



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
I posted in here back in October regarding the growing pains. Since that post, I've got to say that I honestly have been really pleased. <br><br>The water issues have been fixed. No more leaky ceiling. The heat (after getting some valve replaced twice) is A-OK now. I recognize a lot of the building issues had to do with previous management; current maintenance folks are running rampant to fix errors.<br><br>I am fortunate to live in a quiet hall with respectful tenants. Sometimes I wish Montview Blvd. wasn't quite as busy and there wasn't as much road noise, but I'm not living in midtown Kansas City any more. As a result, I don't have to worry about crack dealers busting into the apartment or carjackings on my street, nor do I have to worry about cockroaches, possums, or squirrels falling through my ceiling. I wish I was kidding.<br><br>The entire staff has bent over backwards to ensure me and my husband are comfortable and happy. I really like the resurgence of group activities that are being encouraged (even though I will probably be avoiding the egg hunt). <br><br>I haven't seen graffiti in some time (which was pissing me off royally), and honestly, once I saw similar tags all over Stapleton, at least I knew it wasn't limited to just our complex. <br><br>Sometimes I do wish the gates into the parking areas were more functional. I will say that. I'd like to see them improve for safety purposes.<br><br>I'm happy here. Furthermore, I'm happy I posted back in October when I was less than pleased. If you're going to complain, at least offer constructive criticism. Recognize that this is where YOU live, too, and play an active role in making our complex a better place. It's not a dorm. Your parents don't live here. Be responsible and let management know when problems arise. They're quick to assist. <br><br>So, there's my piece. Each day that passes, it gets a little better.
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Advenir at Stapleton

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