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Alister Cherry Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
DO NOT SIGN A LEASE AT HERITAGE CREEK!!! They survive on their location and cater to visitors...once you are no longer a "future resident" and you become a resident, watch out! They do not service anything (due to management mis-management), they are disorganized with paperwork and appear to be compensated for slapping fees on things that are due to their mistakes! Water bills -- joke! Watch out when they switch you to Excel, they will ask you to pay the current Excel charges, and then all of a sudden you receive an Excel bill that includes the charges you already paid directly to Heritage Creek. They just assume that people will just give up and not fight them becuase it's not worth the hassel. They evicted a friend without any notice on the 10th of a month. after he paid rent the month prior. This person was out of town and paid rent on the 4th, Heritage returned the check and said they couldn't accept it, as well as slapped on a $100 fee. This friend called them while out of town to see if they could fed ex the check to avoid the fee. They called to find out why their check was returned, and no one responded to their messages. 2 days later, all of their belongings were outside. Heritage did not give any notice (in fact, returned the check with no note or anything), just called his emergency contact in another state to say "Tell your friend that all of their belongings are outside of their apartment".
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Alister Cherry Creek

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