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Bear Valley Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Centurionx • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
...the apartments are depressing with their lack of light and every thing is beige inside. Always dark. The sale people are really friendly when you want to rent. Then ignore you when you are moving out.<br><br>I was fortunate to get a new apartment. The heating is bad. I could crank it up to 100 degrees and this would only make the hear run long and not get any hotter. The gas fire place is only for looks and does not generate any heat. Also, the heater uses the hot water from the water heater. That may be why the apartment never warmed up. Can any apartment complex use common sense and place the ducts at the lower level of the wall and not the top. I am not tall enough to warm my head!<br><br>In the end I was socked with with close to a $800 bill when I left. I gave them notice I was moving out at end of my lease. Be sure to never drop anything in their drop box. They left me a nasty letter and inquire if I am staying or not. I called them and they never returned my calls. I told them I did give them a letter stating my leave at end of lease. They did not present this to me until 5 days before I move out of the ultra clean apartment. They sent a collections agency after me and also billed me for cleaning the apartment, which was overcleaned when I left. Still had the brand new smell. I wanted to fight them, but, I was told that their lawyers would get me for legal fees and I really did not have case, since there is no way to prove I gave them the notice. I should of had them written confirmation. Oh! Also, I was going to renew the lease for the same price, but they decided to increase it by $160 and they told me I was lucky the did not increase it by $300. What mean spirited people. I told them the leasing agent told me if I renewed, the price would be the same. Of course, it was verbal and they could not confirm. So everyone always get everything in writing.<br><br>Another thing, this place was starting to look like a 3rd world country and getting scary with the gang bangers residents that would stare you down as you walked to get your mail or workout. <br><br>I am happy they are out of my life. Wish I could get my money back, that truly belongs to me!<br><br>One more thing. I had great parking in front of my apartment for awhile. that went south after they were near 90 - 100% filled. I had to park at a different parking lot.<br><br>
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Bear Valley Park Apartments

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