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Carlisle on the Park

995 Humboldt Street

Denver, CO 80218



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
As I commented to the woman in the leasing office . . . Carlisle on the Parc is much like a banana cream pie . . . wipe off the whip cream and you got yourself a pile of crap. From day one, I regretted signing the lease to this place.<br><br>I moved into these apartments thinking, wow, this is a great, quiet location. Close to the park, the mall, grocery stores and other various little shops and what not. I admit, I was fooled. I found out just how sh*tty the place is my first night when I woke up to the loud banging and screaming of the neighbors. Apparently, a gentleman who shall remain anonymous was hiding under his bed with a baseball bat, screaming to the "people in the trees" to stop bothering him. Now, I don't know about you, but that doesn't seem normal, does it?<br><br>For what you are paying, these apartments are a RIP OFF. You get placed in a shoebox that you can barely breath in. Watch out, they will lie and tell you that the AC circulates throughout the entire unit . . . BULL! The AC, or swampcooler as it should be called, keeps your living room nice and cool (with a rather damp and musty smell I might add), but leaves the rest of your house as stuffy and uncomfortable and a summer day in Miami. <br><br>If you feel comfortable allowing the whole world to scope out your apartment and your belongings, then Carlisle on the Parc is the place for you. Because each door faces out to the disgusting, bacteria infested fountain, people can walk by and look into your apartment with ease. I've found so many neighbors looking into my apartment . . . I've had to keep my blinds shut now for a few weeks. Imagine living in darkness for that long. It's not fun.<br><br>The charming community that inhabits this establishment is not one to write home about either. The plethora of illegal activity that swarms these buildings is unbelievable. I actually saw a tenant doing drugs in the laundry room! Can you believe it?? People allow their pets to crap all over the stairs and courtyard like it's nothing. The beautiful garden of cigarettes that blemish the area just add to the overall trashy feeling of this place. With most properties, management lives on the premise . . . with Carlisle, this is NOT the case. I don't think any of the older woman who run this building would survive one night in any of these units. <br><br>Humboldt Street at night is much like the Castro District in San Francisco. Strange men wandering the streets at all hours of the night looking for sex or drugs or whatever it is. I have been approached by so many of these men in the last few months that I've had to start carrying pepper spray just in case. This is a not the place for someone who holds safety as a priority. <br><br>If you read this, please know that I speak not only for myself but many other residents. I have found that so many allow these issues to surface without saying anything. They know that management really doesn't give a hoot about what happens to you once you move into the building. If you want security, stability, and a great environment with great people, DO NOT MOVE TO CARLISLE ON THE PARC. Thanks.
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Carlisle on the Park

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