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Cedar Run Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2019
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Office Staff
After "new ownership" has taken over, the property is constantly trashed. They can't keep water in the ponds, which creates an awesome moldy smell. Children run all over the property, destroying everything, and the office does nothing. The buildings are completely infested with cockroaches, and the "new company" they use, is an elderly woman who can barely walk let alone treat apartments for infestation. Before they came, the old company had it almost completely free of cockroaches. Right now, I have no heat or hot water. Almost every week theres an "issue" with the water, whether it being they have to turn off our water completely, or just no hot water at all. The washer and dryers smell like mold. I know for a fact that one of my neighbors moved out because they confirmed black mold to be in the vents. The front door to my building is broken off the hinges, so I can't open the door. They allow dogs off the leash, by not doing anything about it. There has been human feces in the elevator, left for days. I thought the previous owners were bad. HA!!!! If you enjoy renting from SLUM LORDS this is the place for you!! To anyone that isn't aware, these violations are all going against the Warrant of Habitability. PS... I don't want your "automatic response," with your fake apologies, either. You all are failing miserably. You have no idea how to do your job. And obviously have no concern for violating the Warrant or Habitability, on a constant basis. Laws are set for a reason. To protect residents, from management companies like YOU.
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Cedar Run Apartments

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