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Cedar Run Apartments



Resident · 2019 - 2020
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Office Staff
This place is absolute trash. They changed ownership about a month after I moved in and it's obvious that they don't care about anything but getting money out of you. The water and heating system is hard to explain, but basically all the building are connected on it, and the water had to be turned off (not exaggerating) at least once a week to fix the heat. Hot water is hit or miss on the days the water is turned on. I didn't have heat at all at the beginning of the winter and had to contact the district manager of the property to explain to her that it's illegal to not have heat and threatened to stop paying rent before they decided to grudgingly send someone to repair the heater. The office staff is incompetent and seems to have high turnover. They're incredibly unprofessional. Most of the women in there will start talking over you as soon as they realize you have some kind of problem and will do nothing to resolve the issue in an adult, professional manner. There was an issue with homeless people living in the laundry rooms. I complained about it for probably 9 months (my apartment was directly beside a laundry room and I had to call security and the police several times at 2 am to chase out the people doing drugs in there) before they said "we don't know what else to do so we're going to put locks on the doors." The laundry rooms themselves are filthy and not maintained. I've also come across drug paraphernalia and pill bottles left behind on the stairs in my building. There is no security to speak of . Long story short- this place is cheap, and there's a reason for it. Look elsewhere .
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Cedar Run Apartments

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