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Colburn Hotel & Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
I lived in the appartment for 3 months and alot of problem is there in the apartment building. <br>Problems are below <br>1) Bed Bugs are there, u canot sleep and managment does not do any thing <br>2)heat problem as they said utility is free but in winter season they donot even provide the adaquate heat <br>3)Vantilation problem in kitchen as sink is super small and not electic exuast is there. u have to open the front door coz of that when u cook and all the smell goes into the coridoor.they makes unhealthy for otherS TO STAY <br>4)THE WORST THING IS THAT WHEN SOME ONE DISTURB U, MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY, AND U GAVE COMPLAINT TO MANAGMENT THEY SAYS WE ARE NOT DOING ANY KIND OF BABY SITTING, IF SOME ONE OPEN THE LOUD MUSIC THEY ARE NOT EVEN RESPOSIBLE, <br>5)IF ANY ONE FROM THAT APARTMENT DO SOME KIND OF MISBEHAVIOUR MANAGMENT DONOT TAKE ANY ACTION <br>6)Lift is not working most of the time, so u have to go by stairs and smell differnt food om every floor <br>7)as the building is old there is alot of problem of blockage in bathroom(bath tubs and sinks)<br>8)some time ur mails are also mis-placed as mamangement is totally ir-responsible and careless so u donot trust them <br>9)Security level is zero as my guess whom they rent is not good credit so hard for the family to live
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Colburn Hotel & Apartments

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