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Executive House



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hondaroadster • Resident 1995 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
I recently moved out of Executive House (330 EAST 10TH AVENUE) after living there 2 1/2 years. The only reason I stayed is because the rent was so low($375 FOR A STUDIO)and because it was beside my school. I am happy to say that I have graduated and moved to Texas. Living at the executive house for 2 years has caused tremendous damage to my nervous system. I accumulated an excess amount of stress from the drugs, cigarette smoke,noise and mindless tanants that were abundant in the building. I had no problem contacting the Denver police dept. to file complaints when I didnt like something. I am happy to say I sent several people to court for their mindlessness in using drugs, smoking and irresponsibility. If it were up to me each one of them would be on death row right now for disturbing me. There is also a bar on the corner and that was a serious problem. The bar would close at 2 am and then the mindless drunks would come and hang out right in front of the apt. They needed to all be thrown in jail. I was successful in making that happen several times though. <br><br>Another issue besides noise, drugs and cigarette smoke was how filthy the building was. I was so embarassed to bring anyone over. The elevator shaft always smelled like urine and sweat. The air ducts had black fuzz coming out of them which was an indication they havent been cleaned in 15 years. The maintence staff was helpful smelled horrible and usually were on something. I never really trusted anyone in the building. I just dont understand how they let some of the people in there. A lot of them would go throught the dumpster out back. <br>All I can say is that I am soo happy to be out of there finally. If you are at all concious and awake then I would not even consider this apartment building.
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Executive House

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