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Grand View Tower



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
I live at Grandview Towers and I must say before the new manager who took over from the last manager, Jill the ------ Girl. I wanted to get the HELL out of that Dump but, now I will stay, let me tell you why: The new manager Ron, is showing that he is very much trained and experianced in the Property management fild, he has painted the entry way and put art on the walls, talk about the walls talking with a smile now. He has put new carpet in apartments that haven't seen anything new in 30 years. He is always there on the property and if he isn't in the ofice you have three ways to reach him and guess what he answers the phone, WOW! he has updated leases with new ones, I haven't had a new lease in the 5 years I have lived there. The best part is we have onsite, Real Person, Security!! YES WOW!! Maintence SUCKS!! What the hell is Maintence at Grandview Towers?? Well we now have this new system that Ron is doing , we can now get things fixed but the maintence guy is still so ANGRY and hateful!!! The cleaning lady!! Poor lady she worked so hard for years to clean that building and she is as always doing a WONDERFUL job, bet she is happy to now have a boss/ property manager who knows what he is doing!! I will stay but if Ron the manager leaves so will I!! 5-year resident.
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Grand View Tower

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