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Lancelot Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
RENTER BEWARE sums it up pretty well.<br><br>If you are looking for a community which truly cares about their residents, look elsewhere.<br><br>CARMEL PROPERTIES have turned their focus on the Cheap and Easy money road leaving their current tenants in the dust. Although it is the rent tenants people pay which keeps Carmel's wallet filled with money...<br><br>It is a shame that Carmel Properties has decided that "customer service" is no longer part of their vocabulary. How have they done this?<br><br>When I signed my lease to rent at The Lancelot, there was a resident manager ON SITE(office inside the building). She was pleasant and saw to the needs of residents as quickly as possible. Maintenance was also very good about taking care of needs. <br><br>THEN 'corporate office' came in and consolidate several properties, closed our managers office, reduced the maintenance crews and (originally) made all residents (even our elderly citizens) walk several hundred yards to another property to drop off rent checks, pick up parcel deliveries and deal with dwelling issues. THANK GOD they changed their tune and allow rent checks to be dropped at the "Rent Check Drop" already located in our complex. (Considering the weather in Denver - BLIZZARD conditions and all - can you imagine the LIABILITY LAWSUITS that could occur?...) As for the rest...<br><br>Odd, how soon they forget that if it weren't for the residents they would not have money to operate the buildings. In fact, the Carmel employees (mostly office staff) need to be reminded that it is the rent from tenants that pays their salaries. Therefore - employees technically work for the RENTERS (via Carmel Properties) and should treat the residents with a bit more respect and excellent customer service. These are not being met by most of the current staff. <br><br>Will I renew my lease again... That is to be seen. It depends on whether or not they try to raise rents more than 10% again! When was the last time anyone, in the working class, received a 10% salary increase???? Most are luck to get 3%!<br><br>Landscaping? What a disaster... Dead trees.. and more...<br><br>Parking - POOR/inexcusably bad - snow removal. Insufficient parking. Un-registered autos, more than two per unit. WHY NOT Assigned parking and mandatory Street parking for Guests? Too many times I come home to no parking because guests have filled the lot.<br><br>Units with more people than allowable on a lease!!!<br><br>POOR MANAGEMENT...
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Lancelot Apartments

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