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Legend Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I finally moved out of this place a few weeks back. Its the worst. Do not rent there!! I mean unless if you like wasting tons of money on a pile of ---- Thats what this place it. ----. Those "ladies" in the office are rude, unfriendly, unhelpful, and just needs replacing. Getting some one out here to fix something is pointless dogs ---- every where The ac and heater only work in the master bedroom. And there is no good insulation so in winter it is so hard (even with the crappy tiny gas fire place) to stay warm with out a super high power bill. Summer, is not that bad but you have to stay in the bedroom where the ac only works. They are always infested with something neighbors are always loud and messy Paying online is the worst with them. You will pay and they will claim to not have gotten it. You will be paying high dollar for some dump with crack head neighbors The pool is horrible. It wasnt open for long while i was there but it was nasty. All the community stuff would be nice if they kept it clean. The hallways are nasty and trashy. I had countless problems with them from leaks, locks, lights, neighbors, drains, and more. They also like to sneak in fees so they can make more money. The gate does not work, has never worked here my whole time living here. They never fix it. they dont even bother removing it. There is one gate thats chained, another one wide open and the two main ones wide open. Why not just remove these old gates so they can stop fooling people while making the place look worse? My stay here was way to long for liking but hey when the ladies in the office dont like you and charge you more then what you pay then its hard to get out of this place. If you request maintenance and ask that they ONLY enter if you are home, you end up coming home with a note letting you know they were there. I moved out when they just started painting, and they went from a kind of cheery yellow to a ---- brown and gray. Now the outside looks as bad as inside. Cars will be broken in to in the parking lot. Ive known a few who had their cars broken in to. Thankfully my car was never broken in to. I didn't have a garage. They charge a lot for what looks like bad garages painted to look good. The kids also vandalize cars and buildings as well. There is a pack of kids that run wild. People haul --- through the parking lot. Random cars fill up the parking lot to. Every day you see 20 different cars. The staff likes to forget or miss place things. Or they are just lazy and dont want to document stuff like maintenance requests, questions, payments, or anything else. This place is just strait-up hood slums with pretty staff that make you feel welcomed until after you sign the lease then they show their true colors. You wont want to live here. Trust me. If you dont trust me then google their name and read ALL the reviews. Some 5 star reviews even look fake because it sounds like they are talking about a whole other place, a hidden few 5 star "renters" dont even live in Colorado. Don't trust this place and their pretty photos, its all a façade. Im so happy I finally moved out. Found a bigger, cleaner, safer place for a lot lower then those extreme prices, AND in a better part of Denver. You can do so much better then this place. Keep looking! Don't let their photos fool you. The walls are an ugly tan and the paint job is spotty. So many discolorations on the walls. Their units are NOT as nice as they make it seem.
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Legend Oaks Apartments

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