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Legend Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
We have been living here for over a year now and we absolutely cannot wait to get out. The management is pretty terrible. There is one office employee that seems like he knows what he's doing but the rest don't care. We thought this was going to be a relatively safe place to live because of the gates, but that's just a joke. They are always broken, there is currently a gaping hole in the wall beside the gate that people crawl through that has been there at least a month now, and the fence along the east side of the complex is broken and I have seen numerous people slipping through there. I actually witnessed someone attempting to break into the downstairs apartment by the gap in the fence. Safety is my biggest concern, but there are other issues as well, such as the amount of trash and dog feces on the grounds. The place has become just disgusting these past few months. As far as the apartment building itself, it's like living in a college dorm. I don't know why they would allow groups of college kids in single apartments, but it's terribly loud at all hours and calling the courtesy patrol does nothing to solve the problem. And the pool! It's been closed numerous times this year because people have parties and throw food and glass into the water. The place is just so ------. And I spend $1700 a month for this.
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Legend Oaks Apartments

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