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Mint Urban Infinity

1251 S. Bellaire St.

Denver, CO 80246



Resident · 2015 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
DO NOT MOVE HERE! If I could give this place a negative amount of stars I would! Moving into Mint Urban Infinity will be the worst decision you ever make, unless you like lack of sleep, living in filth, not being safe, non stop maintenance issues, and paying way more then you should be for so called "renovated" apartments. This place is a complete joke! Since I moved in back in November I have had nothing but problem after problem and the cardinal group who manages this awful place could give a ---- less about you. When I moved into this horrible place there was an extremely loud banging noise that resounded through my bathroom vent into my apartment. It was so loud that it woke me out of my sleep at 430am. I complained to the office and they did nothing! I showed them videos of the noise and asked other residents if they could hear it. The noise was so loud that you could hear is from the dog park outside my building! I complained numerous times to the office and they still did nothing. I wasn't able to sleep in my own apartment because they noise woke me up at least 4 nights a week!!! I was paying full rent and couldn't sleep in my own apartment!! Over the next 2 months maintenance came to my place at least 5 times to hear it for themselves. They had no idea what is was and said they couldn't help me! It took me calling up Cooperate and getting on the phone with the head of operations and screaming at him to finally get them to send out a third party to address this issue. I reported the issue on thanksgiving of 2015 and they didn't fix it until the end of January 2016!!!! I moved in because they spoke of amazing renovations that were going to happen and I quickly learned that was all a bunch of BS! I watched week after week as they have construction workers doing a half --- job! They paint over layers and layers of old paint so all the new paint is already chipped everywhere. They lay flooring that is the cheapest you can find and its already all scratched up and the brand new carpets are filthy and will never be cleaned. Then these workers leave the building door open all day and night, so forget about feeling safe and be ready to pay more in utilities because all the heat or cool pumps out into the sky! When they were replacing our windows and doors I came home to my toilet seat left up with PEE IN MY TOILET! The construction is non stop but you won't see any improvements. Our parking lots have barely any spaces as it is and the workers come in and block huge chunks of the lots for their equipment, so there is no where to park. I have watched as Mint Urban tows residents cars out of the parking lot!!! I guess if you want to wake up and find that your car has been towed and you have no way to get to work then you should definitely move here! Mint urban also comes with a free cock roach infestation as well! I have over heard numerous reports from residents about roaches and big surprise, the Cardinal Group is too lazy to take care of the infestation. Then I finally got to see a roach for myself the other day as I walked through the hallways!!! My most recent maintenance issue was me once again being woken up but this time is was because a waterfall was coming from my ceiling in my bathroom! Maintenance and a plumber apparently spent time fixing it and yet BIG SURPRISE it happened again! No one does anything around here! No one knows how to fix anything and no one cares! On top of all this, my dishwasher reeks of mold! I have to dust my place every 4 days because the amount of dust in the air is insane! The air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. So I know the air ducks have never been cleaned. Thats got to be really great for you to breath in everyday. Oh, and never EVER expect to have a day that they don't shut off your water but you still have to pay for it! They shut off the water everyday and they give you a 10 min notice by email. I hope you're not in the shower with shampoo in your hair like I was today when they shut it off! Good thing I didn't have to be at work today! Mint Urban is all a lie! The Cardinal group is a bunch of lazy, greedy, manipulating -------s, who could care less about any of their residents! All they want is their money! Stay far far away!!!!
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Mint Urban Infinity

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