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Mosaic Apartments

7100 E Evans Ave

Denver, CO 80224



Resident · 2010 - 2017
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Office Staff
Bedbugs. Shootings. Unsupervised children all day and all night. Policies are not upheld. This was my home for 7 years, until we got the new slum lord, Chanez. She is the worst apartment "manager," I've ever had the displeasure of knowing. She has no clue about state laws, and does not enforce any policies. Therefore it creates a very unsafe living environment. She has decided, with no explanation, to not renew my lease. But check out the availability. Do not rent an apartment that has over 20 units available. I will be the 3rd family she has kicked out, with no explanation. Everything will be good for a couple months, until you find bedbugs in your apartment. Then cockroaches. Then you start to find that you can't sleep because of the multiple children that run around the complex. Then when you complain, you'll realize that Chanez doesn't care, and nothing will be done about it. Then you'll try to reach out to state entities, because this apartment violates the ADA, as well as the warrant of habitablity. Then, with no warning, you'll be told that you can't renew your lease. There are multiple families that are in violation of the Colorado State law, that says that only 4 people per bedroom. But it doesn't matter to Chanez!! Whatever you're told the rent is... It's not worth it. They made the model apartment look very nice, but it doesn't show the infestations, the black mold, or the multiple policies that are not upheld. This complex has been completely destroyed by the new slum lord, but Echelon Properties does not care. And Chanez's response to bad reviews is always the same thing. "Due to the sensitive nature of this situation".. blah blah blah. Don't waste your time... unless of course you enjoy no sleep, a disgusting, old apartment that is FAR from "upgraded," discriminatory practices, and of course a slum lord that has no regard for human beings. Then, you'll love it here! I still have a bullet hole in my car door, from when a young man was shot to death right outside my window. But Chanez, being the great person that she is, actually yelled at me, because I was in tears, and wanted to know what they were going to do about it. Nothing. No matter your complaint.... Nothing will be done. Stay away!!! Mosaic Apartments has been destroyed by Chanez, and now she can't keep the apartments full. And that is a reflection of HER, and only HER. The manager before her had no problem renting out the apartments. It's awful, and it will be the worst decision of your life. I'm greatful I'm getting away from Chanez the slum lord. Thanks Echelon Properties for looking out for your faithful renters, by placing an awful, heartless, uneducated woman at your property. You're losing yoyr best renters, because of CHANEZ.
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Mosaic Apartments

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