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Mosaic Apartments

7100 E Evans Ave

Denver, CO 80224



Resident · 2015 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I've had so many issues with this place ever since new management took over in about may of 2016. The now new assistant manager who used to just be a regular employee is one of the worst people on this planet. She's screamed at me, she's yelled at me before I even moved in because she didn't wait for my whole background check to come through so she told me I got the apartment then I had to call back two days later after being told she'd call back and was THEN told actually I don't have it without an extra fee. I said you can't just change things like that to which she SHOUTED in my ear YES I CAN! IM JUST DOING MY JOB. She's the most unprofessional person I've ever met. She's still there and is the current assistant manager. She messed up our move in date to trasfer to a two bedroom apartment and I had to get back surgery so it was perfect timing. She never sent the email then on a Saturday when she was off work I was told she changed the date but failed to tell me. I had the girl working call her and she literally SCREAMED at me over the phone and belittled me claiming I'm making things up and had the NASTIEST tone for someone working in the customer service industry. She's treated me different because of the color of my skin. It's well known throughout the community that the manager and assistant manager egg each other on to be racist towards white people. I know it sounds crazy but the amount of people that get evicted are all Caucasian. I've been in the room when the assistant manager was literally STEALING apartment renters from the poor girl who works in the corner. She's so mistreated because the manager and assistant manager are such bad people towards everyone. The water gets shut off every three days or so- so if you have a job don't live here because you'll never be able to shower or get ready for work. They don't clean up the MASSIVE amount of dog poop around the property. It should be done daily because of the amount of people that just plain don't clean up after themselves because they don't get a fine. This place NEEDS cameras. The assistant manager knew the parking spot system doesn't work so when I paid for a parking spot the first day I parked there my tires got slashed. Then someone else parked there and I found out it's actually someone's spot that's had it for months and the assistant manager just didn't care to double check KNOWING the system doesn't work. They didn't even show sympathy that HER incompetence cost me over $500! Now- for the new apartment manager. She has no respect for any bodies feelings and is so unprofessional. I've asked if they could put cameras in because this property is so DISGUESTING and filled with dog feces and trash, spoiled milk spilled all over the place, candy and snack wrappers everywhere. She refueled to do anything about it. I've sent multiple emails because I refuses to speak to her in person because she has no respect. I have a mental health issue where when someone yells I then get anxiety attacks around them because I'm traumatized by their behavior. After her assistant screamed at me she tried to force me to sit next to her and have a conversation with her and I told her about my problem and she still tried to force me to have a talk with the woman. I had to leave the office with nothing resolved because all the property owner (echelon property group) does is call the manager and tell her what happened and if it's a problem with her or the assistant she just laughs it off, literally. She claims that bed bugs never happened when I've been told by three different people that they personally had bed bugs and nobody got a notice about it either. They also took a long time to even do anything about it. When I sent this last email trying to offer help and to work together to resolve some of these issues she got defensive then threatened to fine me for not pixkijbup after my dog when I've walked into the office with a bag full of dog feces and said THIS isn't mine. This is OTHER people's dog poop. I'm sick of stepping in it, someone neeeds to do something about this because it's not fair to not be able to walk in the grass without stepping in it! Please start fining people. I've caught people and either taken video, picture, or picked it up myself and brought them EVIDENCE that it wasn't being picked up and the manager claims someone is telling on me about it and threatened to fine me because I said that's what should be done. She actually threatened me KNOWING I pick up after all her because there's a resident on the second floor who doesn't like dogs and goes and lies about everyone's dogs to the office. She's believing heresay over actual evidence and witnesses. She's so unprofessional and has zero desire to do well by this place. They refuse to fix problems, they make fun of people, they treat caucasions like they are crap, and they don't care about how their actions and lack of actions affect residents. Oh, and after she sent her email threatening me she blocked me from sending her emails. I'm a RESIDENT and she's the PROPERTY manager and blocked me! Who does that as a "professional?" She also mentioned "oh well you could've moved out when you moved to your two bedroom" I had just had MAJOR BACK SURGERY as a 26 year old! I COULDNT move far. Once again. Absolutely no care for her residents. And echelon won't do anything if you call their Coorperate number, they'll only pay attention to review. Thanks echelon! For not caring about your properties and only caring about money. Gotta love how America works! If I could put zero stars for this place I would.
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Mosaic Apartments

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