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The Apartments At Denver Place

1880 Arapahoe St.

Denver, CO 80202



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2007
I generally have a positive outlook, but this place has become so bad, I am compelled to write. As other posters have noted, this used to be a great place to live (prior to new owners and management). Following are but a few of the many problems that now face this property: 1. The former high quality professional tenants have been replaced with low / minimal quality tenants; current management's objective seems to have been to achieve full occupancy at any cost; 2. The exterior windows have not been cleaned in over 18 months; 3. False fire alarms (in your apartment) are routine at any and all hours; 4. Water outages are routine (with no or minimal notification-out as I type); typically after these outages I have found polluted brown ice in the freezer (I now no longer use because of illness after these outages); 5. Constant construction in the garage led to filthy vehicle and permanent damage to paint; 6. Routine animal urination and defecation and human vomit left on elevator carpets for extended periods; 7. Apartment tenants formerly had access to 3 elevators; now there are only 2 (at times only 1 and periodically none) which is completely insufficient for the number of tenants and causes routine long waits; 8. The former management used to ensure delivery to your apartment for Fedex/UPS deliveries; this service ceased with no communication; now there is often no communication of deliveries and they go missing, or in my case they held on to a perishable delivery until it was destroyed; 9. Cleaning services, HBO, newspaper delivery, restaurant delivery (and previously on-site) also ceased; 10. "Remodeled" apartments exhibit poor workmanship and materials; 11. Access to the apartment building is not adequately limited (no or absent on-site security) and frequently seems unsafe on Arapahoe and 19th (this is actually where they caught the fellow that shot the 7-Eleven clerk on 16th a few weeks ago); 12. Frequent smell of natural gas; 13. The community laundry room seems to frequently have non-tenants and thefts (the former electronic lock was removed)--the apt "management" had the gaul to imply on flyers that it was somehow the tenant's fault and responsibility to somehow prevent the thefts; 14. A few months ago when utility changes were made to the building, many tenants received notices of relatively astronomical electric bills. Xcel Energy confirmed that it was a problem the building owners' construction company caused, but the mgmt was in denial, suggesting that the situation was somehow the problem/fault of tenants; 15. With all of the above problems and decreased services, I hear a rumor that notices may be sent to increase rates of the longer term tenants and charge for utilities; all the while bringing in low quality tenants at lower prices. 16. When I moved here, Denver Place had a website in which you could learn of community events and place service requests. The current management 'quietly' eliminated that service as well...make your own judgment. I could go on and on. For those of you who receive the story that they have improved or will improve matters because "the Ritz is here or coming", don't believe it. If you are a frat house or looking for Section 8 quality (or less), this place is for you. Fair warning has been given!
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The Apartments At Denver Place

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