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The Cottenwood



Resident · 2006 - 2011
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Office Staff
I have lived here for years. The good things: secure building, quiet tenants. The bad: roaches, possibly bed bugs (so far, not in my unit, but other units have been infested so I figure they are on their way), no dishwasher, expensive laundry facility, and a rent increase. I cannot recommend The Cottenwood because of the bugs (management has been responsive, but their response has been inadequate because we STILL HAVE ROACHES) and the rent increase. The building is OLD, and minimally maintained (if they put some money into the old plumbing, maybe the roaches wouldn't have such a happy home). The fixtures (sinks, counters, bathtubs, doors, windows) are battered and they won't replace them. I carry a can of Raid with me from room to room and have it poised and ready before I open a cupboard. I check under the toilet seat before using the bathroom. I can't go on living like this, and will be moving next month.
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The Cottenwood

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