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The Ridge at Lowry

10000 East Alameda Avenue

Denver, CO 80247



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DenverJK • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
Until now, I'm the tenant who pays on time, never complains, never hear from me. I've rented from many places over the years. This is the first time I've felt I had to complain. Bottom line, management is AWFUL. It took three weeks to get an opener for the front gate, six months for a passcard. Three months, and many phone calls to them, to get a copy of my lease. I've had a late rent notice on my door, when I've always paid early. Management's response? "Oops..." My cat 9 lb cat runs up and down the hallway at night. My poor downstairs neighbor can hear it. I won't even mention what I hear from my next door neighbor, whose bedroom shares a wall with my living room. I think he's a student -- he keeps odd hours, which I normally wouldn't know, living elsewhere. Outdoor lights have been out for months, including the lights above the stairs. I've told mgmt, but nothing has been done. With 2 of 3 lights near the stair closest to me out, you are pretty much going down the stairs blind at night. They leave the stairs an icy mess, from the very first snow of the season (they are in the shade & it takes a LONG time for the ice to melt). I've shoveled the stairs myself several times this winter. I went to the office to get a replacement filter for the A/C / Heating unit, which hasn't been changed in a long time, at least a year. They don't have them in the office (as they do every other place I've lived), so they put in a maint. request. It's 5 weeks later. No filter (I'll buy my own). I had bare wires hanging from the ceiling when I moved it. It took weeks and many visits to the office to get them safely covered. When I moved in, they wanted me to sign a blank inventory form - which they could use at the end of the lease. No way! They can do what other complexes do -- hold your mailbox keys until you turn in the finished inventory form. The jerk of a leasing consultant told me he "didn't have to lease to me" when I didn't want to sign a blank form. My attorney friends would have a cow if I had signed a blank legal form. BTW, that consultant isn't here anymore. The appliances are cheap pieces of garbage. The oven temperature is off 5 - 15 degrees, depending on what temp you have it set for. The freezer is too warm, melting the ice into a solid block, giving freezer burn to everything. And the fridge freezes items, with condensation constantly making puddles, soaking anything near the rear of the refrigerator. I keep a fridge thermometer in there to try to balance it out as best I can. But hey, it runs, so mgmt won't do anything about it. The kitchen sink doesn't even have a sprayer! I can't think of any place I've lived in my life without one of those. The complex manager won't leave her office for ANYTHING. She won't even look up at the tenants as they come in. I know can't write everything here. All the little things add up to a big headache renting at the Estates at Mira Vista. The maintenance guys are treated awfully by mgmt. They don't last long working here, which is probably why it takes so long to get any maint. requests done on a timely basis. I'm glad I'm paying for a garage, with the parking mess they have here. Mgmt is nice for the most part, but don't do a thing. They are a disorganized mess when a tenant moves in, and it doesn't get any better. Of course you don't know that until you've already signed the lease. I'll be paying more somewhere else, just to get out of here. And I still have another six months! Not looking forward to it.
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The Ridge at Lowry

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