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Torrey Pines



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madaboutdawn • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
My concern is with Dawn Apodaca, Manager of Torrey Pines.<br><br>Dawn Apodaca has the rudest attitude with her customers. She was so bad that on the second encounter I had with her, I had to ask if I could speak with a manager not knowing that she is the manager. The way she carries a conversation with her customers was with a discouraging manner, and she has no skill of offering options in handling matters. She doesn't have a graceful approach. The minute you see her face you know you won't get the assistance you hope you will get.<br><br>On one very cold day with snow all over the place, I had parked my car at the future resident parking to drop my rent check at the drop box. By the time I got back (maybe 30 seconds after), my two year old had locked me out of my car. Fortunately for me there were some wonderful people around who were also doing the same thing (dropping their checks) that felt great compassion for my baby and me and offered their help right away. They were trying to do anything possible to unlock my car. Since the office was closed with a note that says that they were taking an early lunch, I knew their help was not an option. But then, Dawn showed up and one of the people that were helping me saw her from far, and asked if she can do something to help, but she didn t even try to see what was going on to even suggest anything or even apologize and go one with where she needs to go. Instead, she waved us away from her office to let us know that she is in hurry, and making us understand that she was not on duty yet. We were all astonished by her reply. You know, I know one or two things about management, but I can assure you that even our innate knowledge (rather than books) would lead us to react differently in this circumstance. So get her some training or something, but she needs to know how we feel about her so that she can serve us better.<br>
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Torrey Pines

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