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Uptown Square Apartments



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Office Staff
yearlongrenter • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
We've been here almost a year. I read these reviews before we signed our lease and therefore proceeded with cuation. Upon visiting the apartments in person, we really liked the close proximity to downtown, the fact that there is a neighborhood hair salon, spa, dry cleaners, wine and spirits shop(!) and huge workout gym and the apartments themselves felt pretty clean. Finally, we loved that there was a secure gated courtyard area where I- a woman- can safely take our dog out to do his business every morning and night without having to worry about my safety. So in spite of the 48% rating, we decided to take a chance. <br><br>We've really not had any issues. From our experience, the apartments are kept clean by the maintenance staff. However, I will admit that we live on the bottom floor on the end of a hallway, so we don't experince conditions in the elevators, etc. With the recent snow storms, our sidewalks around the complex were cleared better than most sidewalks in all of downtown- I was really appreciative and impressed! As a matter of fact, I took my dog out for a walk after the snowstorm and we ended up walking around the 3 blocks owned by Uptown Square because they were the only ones clear. Best of all, parking is ample and FREE- compared to the apartments in nearby downtown Denver with similar rent who wanted $200 for parking on top of rent each month.<br><br>Every once in awhile there are obnoxious drunk people who come home at 2 a.m. yelling or singing through the halls, but that's a rude person problem rather than an apartment issue. The staff does an efficient job in response to maintenance requests, but the people in the office could be a bit more friendly. A few times when I've stopped by to pick up packages, I've felt like I was a burden since the packages are in a storage room a few hundred feet from the office (so they have to put on their jacket and walk outside quite a distance). <br><br>Just like any business, there are always improvements that could be made to the conditions or service. Comparitively, this place is not perfect, but is just as good as any other place I've lived. Some things could be done better, sure, but that can be said about ANYWHERE you live, unless you own your own home where things are run your way. <br><br>After my experience here, this site makes me wonder if the people more likely to take the time to complain than they are to sit down and write favorable reviews? Having worked in the service industry a lot of years, I can say with certainty that people are more likely to take time to complain than they are to take the time to compliment.<br><br>P.S. - I just wanted to add that I read a previous poster's review, and the new way we pay utilities is not at all more challenging for renters. It's just different! It's typical and rather straightforward- you receive a bill with the total amount due in the mail, write a check and you're done. So they no longer include it on the same bill as rent each month, I believe, is what's changed- not a biggie. The costs are also pretty similar- perhaps the rise in utilities has to do with the fact that it coincided with fall/winter. We honestly didn't see a spike in our utilities.
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Uptown Square Apartments

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