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Avery Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
Cheap rent and a new (HOT) maintenance man still don't make it worthwhile. Do they? I mean Jon *is* adorable, but in the past 16 months I have had the following issues-<br>no A/C for 3 weeks last summer when it was typiclly 90-100 degrees during the day. I would come home to an apartment that was just BLISTERING. previous maintenance man(not hot guy) left black marks all over the walls every time he moved furniture to get in to the closet that houses the furnace/AC. Black smudges in rooms he *Should not have been in*! And the days maintenance came, medication mysteriously disappeared. I'm not saying they took my pills, but if they didn't, my cats have been very very BAD. I have had the bedroom window replaced. (It leaked) I have had the washer/dryer rebalanced and fixed so that the heater in the dryer actually HEATED. I have had the garbage disposal fixed. (I also got a new dish washer out of this when the maintenance guy thought the reason my disposal didn't work had something to do with the dishwasher)I have also had the pleasure of pest control come 3X after I told them I found a roach in my kitchen. Initially, they reported that there was "no way" there could be a bug, but then 3 months later my entire building received notice that it was being de-bugged. This happened 2 more times. I went 2 days without any hot water just recently, and most days there is only hot ater if I get up before the rest of the building. My fridge makes noises like it wants to launch, there's no where to park because the illegals have 5 cars each. Snow removal.... Hahahaaa.... don't get me started. Horrible. But, I do see Cutie Maintenance man outside every morning wth a shovel. Perhaps picking up all the dog crap left by inconsiderate dog walkers keeps him from actually shoveling much snow? (Man, I hope it dog crap and not the same crap that closes the pool in the summer!)Mail is hit or miss-some days its there-others, you receive nothing..for days on end, until WHAM! You get hit with so much mail it won't fit in the tiny box and gets crammed in there anyways, ripping 1/2 of it.Sometimes it is open, but I blame the PO for this.<br>Noise. Yep, lots of bass. Noise in another language-I can almost speak Spanish now from listening to it. And birds that scream "Beaunos noches" nightly in the summer. LOUDLY. Repeatedly. I never hated a bird before I moved in here, but now...<br><br>I have never used the pool or rec room. I believe the flyers BEGGING people not to poop or pee in the pool was the reason for this. (Where's hottie with his pool net?)<br><br>However, Jon (AKA hottie) is sooo cute, the office staff has changed again and they seem nice. (I wonder if they will ever give me the promised 'welcome gift' I have never received?)Packages in the office have become easier to retrieve-the staff actually calls once in a while to let you know you have one, which never used to happen.<br><br>Maybe another 6 months lease-get through the summer? Moving is such a pain and some changes have been made...<br><br>Plus I work 2 miles away...<br><br>Decisions will be based on scheduled replacement of sliding door (won't close and baby, it's cold in here!) and whether or not I can master Spanish in the next 2 months. I'd like to know what my neighbors are saying to/about me as I attempt to exit my truck (parked in a lot for another building because my building has lots of cars that never leave their spots-EVER)and if the guy who lives beside me ever tires of playing Jurassic Park on his TV at the highest volume level possible.<br>I have a month to decide before I have to subit my 30 day notice.<br><br><br>
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Avery Park

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