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Towne Centre Apartments



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Office Staff
pbusher • Resident 1998 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/23/2002
The price per square foot was market fair and the exterior is getting a makeover (Spring 2002). The windows, however, are still aluminum single pane. <br> <br>As to rules enforcement, it depended on how well you got along with management. We were told to remove suncatchers suctioncupped to the window while other people had all kinds of items taped to their windows or cluttering up the window sills. <br> <br>Sattelite dishes were banned by rental agreement, but several were visible, including the second floor apartment in the building right next to the office. <br> <br>I think it was the new owning company as we had no problems with on-site staff nor with the previous owners. <br>When moving out, take pictures. The management company tried to stick us with bills for repairs that could not have been required in our apt. Also, they failed to notify us of these costs in writing before the 60 days had lapsed and turned our bill in to a collection agency. They (mgmt. co.) had the returned letter they had sent us; they had neglected to include the ZIP code in the address. There was ample time from their receipt of the letter and the expiration of the 60 days (nearly 40 days) for them to correct their mistake and resend the letter. We had to threaten to take them to court to get our deposit back. In Colorado you have one year from the date of move out/lease end to claim your deposit from the management company. <br>At one point we had a drunk from a nearby bar literally trying to break down our door. The Thornton Police Deaprtment took 40 minutes to respond. When someone hit my car in the parking lot and left, the Thornton PD traffic officer responded in less than 20 minutes. There is no security service employed by the management company. <br>
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Towne Centre Apartments

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