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Country Club West



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 03/26/2007
The staff is extremely helpful with me and my difficulties with my roommate, they've always been considerate towards me and my needs as a renter...although apparently didn't treat my rommate nice (i think she deserved it)... but they have begun to rennovate the entire complex which is all good and fine, but our windows suck! They are single pained and mine leaks condensation into my room (can we say mold?). They had people come out and look at all the windows in early winter, it is now early spring and I still haven't gotten it fixed. Finally, they are coming in two days...but hello? that would have been helpful when it was freezing outside! I have had issues with people that don't keep their dogs on leashes or pick up after their dogs...very disrespectful to the grounds people and other residents and there's no one to control it. But, I guess their new rennovated apartments are nice and I love the staff. So, I say rent from them, just be catious with your animals (and other residents' animals). They did also put in new lighting in the parking lots, for all those break-ins they had, which I think helped a lot.
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Country Club West

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