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Adrienne Townhomes & Apartments



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Aly-ZinCO • Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2012
I have lived in one of the townhomes here a little over a year and I have loved it. I would still choose to live here, but I am buying a house. The courtyard area is nice and parklike. Whenever we have asked for mainteance, they have come (for a non-urgent request, it is not always the same day, but usually within the week). The managers are always trying to improve the property (one morning I woke up and they told me they were going to be replacing the windows, they recently re-paved, they put out nice new lights, etc.) There is no management on site, so you sometimes can't get a hold of someone. But, I have lived in the big apartment complexes where they were all up in my business (even telling me what color of curtains I was allowed to put up inside my apartment) and these people are not like that. They have always been very accomodating. Also, I have really loved my neighbors. Yeah, there are kids who like to play in the courtyard and they sometimes make noise, but by about dusk they are in for the night. As with any apartment where you are sharing walls, there are going to be times whene people have parties or make noise. But my neighbors have always gone out of their way to tell me to tell them if they were too noisy. While I was here, there have never been cops called to my knowledge. Yes, rent was raised while I was here. As it was at every other apartment complex I have ever lived in. I guess my only complaints are that sometimes not a lot of notice was given when they were going to make improvements (like the window installation) and that sometimes it was hard to get a hold of someone. But compared to management telling me what I could or couldn't do in my own place as I have been told at other places, I would much rather have this hands-off approach. These apartments/townhomes are also located in a really centralized area. I have loved being this close to Sloan's Lake and Crown Hill.
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Adrienne Townhomes & Apartments

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