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Bear Valley Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/02/2000
This place was a total disaster from the very beginning. The apartment was not cleaned when we moved in. The appliances were old and unreliable, not to mention harvest gold colored. The fridge was only 12 cubic feet, with a freezer that could hardly hold ice cube trays. The carpeting was shot. There was an gap in the fixture that held the a/c box that, if not covered drafts and snow could blow right inside. The plumbing didn´t work on regular occasion. When turning on the hot water, you´d get cold, turning on the cold you´d get warm. In the middle of a shower, the bath faucet never worked, the water would change to severely hot or cold without notice. If the water needed to be turned off to fix something in the building, the office wouldn´t notify the residents. The other residents were loud and inconsiderate at all hours. My car was broken into while parked in the apartment parking lot and my stereo stolen. The office rarely remembered to turn on the lights at night and there were no lights in the parking lot. The office staff was rude and incompetent. The apartment still had lead based paint and asbestos insulation. The luandry facilities cost 75 cents, but wouldn´r rinse the soap out of your clothes or fully dry them. The ´pool´ is in an old garage. The grounds were full of weeds and poorly, if ever, kept. Once the office told another resident she could live in our apartment before we even moved out and consequently the post office confused this and held our mail for a week. It was rumored that someone in the building behind ours committed suicide, the maintenance men stole the residents master keys and broke into their apartments, a woman down the walk from us overdosed on heroine, and a man below us went taken away in an ambulance on a regular basis. After it took them six months to finish painting the buildings, they took another month to reaffix our apartment numbers onto our doors. If you needed the unreliable maintenance to come and fix something it could be weeks before they showed up. Not to mention if you told the office you didn´t want the maintenance in your apartment without you there, they would come anyways and you had better double check that you still had all of you valuables. Being right next to the highway you would hear everything at all hours, tractor trailers and semi barrelling down the road in the middle of the night. And the prison is only a mile or two up the raod. The entire time we lived there was very unhappy and we literally counted down the days until we could move away from the ------. Lakewood is generally a very nice area, but do not let looks decieve you about this place. It may have new paint, but beneath those minor cosmetic changes lies the truth.
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Bear Valley Village Apartments

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