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Bear Valley Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/02/2000
Bear Valley is the most inexpensive apartment complex in the area for a reason. Sit on the "community balcony" on any given night (all apartments share a common breezeway; no private patio or balcony) and you can witness what appears to be numerous crack deals going on. The broken patio lights and unreliable street lamps make Bear Valley a haven for drug deals. You´ll get to know the cops, they come everyday to answer calls at the complex. On the weekends, the cops don´t leave the property before they are called again. Don´t leave your car window open: a stray cat will call your car home. Not to mention that car break-ins have become so common in the complex, the cops have starting dusting for fingerprints (so they can keep a database of crimes at Bear Valley?). <br>The so-called volleyball court is full of weeds and the indoor pool (in an old garage) is filthy. The flower boxes are full of weeds, and some plant that resembles corn stalks. <br>The management is very poor. They don´t upkeep the landscape or the grounds. They are rarely in the office during business hours and they do not return messages. Maintenance will go into your apartment without permission. Later, they will say it was an emergency. Since when was installation of splash guards on the bathtub an emergency? (Splash guards was their solution to a leaking ceiling. They always take the easy way out). At one point, maintenance was breaking into people´s apartments and stealing their property. Oh, and on the RARE occasion that they warn you that the water will be shut off "for a short time" (they are always having sewage back ups and water problems), plan on being without water for at least 5-6 hours. <br>The apartment was filthy upon move-in: the kitchen floor needed replaced and the carpet was stained. The paint had faded to a lovely yellow and the holes in the wall hadn´t even been spackled. Even worse, they immediately rented out my apartment after I had moved without replacing the carpet or painting- it had been at least two years since the last paint job. <br>I could go on, but this review is already lengthy. Take my word for it: its not worth the cheap rent. It´s just not worth it. Try the Willows up the road on Jewell:-)
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Bear Valley Village Apartments

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