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St Moritz Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2005
we stayed at st. moritz for 9 months. at first everything seemed perfect, then our water pressure went out. after almost a month and several, several calls they came to fix it. this was just one of many annoyances we went through in that small period of time. 8 months through our stay i was offered a job out of town and went to the office to see what i needed to do. the lady that i spoke with told me that if i found someone to sublet it, i would be free of my duties and would just lose my deposit and one month's rent. this sounded good to me, i found someone to sublet and i signed a form the lady provided showing what my responsibilties were and i was all set. much to my surprise, one month later i had a bill for $4,500 in the mail from Carmel claiming i owed them for 3 months rent, early termination & cleaning fees. obviously i called st. moritz and their corporate headquarters wondering why they did this and how could this be legal. when i supplied the name of the lady who i spoke with and faxed them a copy of the agreement i signed when i left, they said the employee should not have done that but i was still responsible for all fees. so apparently, their employees can say and do whatever they want to make you feel happy or safe and then the company will come back and take every penny they can from you. when i asked them how they could legally charge me when i provided them with the contract i signed when i left they simply said the contract i signed when i BEGAN my lease overrode the 2nd contract. i am not a lawyer but am still trying to figure out how that works. after several threats of taking me to a collections agency, i have finally agreed to pay $50 a month simply because it was worth it to have them stop calling me. i am still paying this off today. this worthless money grubbing company is ruthless and only cares about turning the maximum amount of profit. I WOULD AVOID ANY APARTMENT FROM CARMEL COMPANIES, PERIOD.
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St Moritz Apartments

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