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Cottonwood Creek Apartments

8801 West Belleview Avenue

Littleton, CO 80123



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/03/2002
Would be mutch better with a more professional and aware management. Several mistakes made, an eviction notice for another apt.on my door(I had always paid on time and early). <br>Was very quiet as I worked 12 hour days and usually slept when I had a chance to..I had no time, no parties, no noise. Received a Note about my dog when in fact I never have had one, ever. They did not vacuum hall ways, even after new carpet installed looked worse than before due to no upkeep. In the last year the complex often looked trashed. Kids they rented to trashed it further. Walks rarely shoveled after storms more so in last year of my stay, fell twice. Vehicle towed for no apparent reason. 10 year old truck, but looked brand new, had just weekend before put on new plates, and inspection and washed. Was not operating one day in week as I used public transportation to go to work. Came home and vehicle was gone. THey said (which was later retracted) it was parked in covered space. Actually it was parked next to a covered space, towing company damaged truck steering in process, and cost 100 dollars a day for their storage until I retreived it. To rectify they lowered rent in the next lease slightly, working with no time off at that point I decided to give it a chance and extend the stay. Then get a note on car in covered parking that it had leaked out all it´s anti-freeze and would be towed, strange as while there was a puddle of water under the car due to snow melt, etc. the radiator was completely full. Was told we didn´t know that was you?, what does that mean??? Had to move out of state so I had to break my lease agreed to pay 1200 fee when signing. Was okay with that then they tried to bill me for an additional month and no mention of my dagage deposit...not yet resolved so what ever happened to this complex? it was once one of the nicest in the area.
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Cottonwood Creek Apartments

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