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Waterford Lone Tree



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2007
I have only lived here a couple of months. I really like our apartment and, to date, have no issues with the staff. In fact, they have been very nice and helpful so far. However, it appears that the people who live here take absolutely zero pride in where they live. The grounds are littered with cigarette butts thanks to those jerks who are too lazy to put their cigarettes out in an ashtray. Rather, they toss the butts, and even their empty cigarette boxes, over the balcony railing- disgusting. Second, the aparment community is dog friendly. We own two dogs and, unlike most of the dog owning population here, actually clean up after our dogs. Yes, it is a pain- but leaving your dogs ---- everywhere is absolutely gross. There are dumpsters everywhere and even dog pots where you can retrieve a bag to clean up dog crap. How hard is that?! You would be surprised! I guess they are too busy smoking and tossing their butts on the landscaping to clean up after their animals. Finally, people leave their garbage everywhere. One person in our building left their bag of garbage by their front door for over a week. I finally complained because the whole building was starting to stink. The person across from us has had a computer monitor sitting in front of their front door for a week now. Totally obnoxious. There are freaking dumpsters all over the place- these people are freaking lazy! My only complaint would be that the office staff should get more aggressive about fining people who leave their cigarette butts, dog crap and garbage everywhere. So, if you are going to avoid The Crest- don't do it because of the staff or the apartments- the real offenders here are the dirty, sucky people who live here!
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Waterford Lone Tree

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