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Thelegacy • Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2002
List of Problems with The Legacy Apartments: <br> <br>On 6/24/00 I flew from Chicago to Denver on a “house hunting” trip. On 6/26/00 I was told The Legacy Apartments that apt. P202 would be available by July 15, 2000. Apartment P202 was a new apartment and I told The Lagacy that I had a job beginning July 31, 2000 so I would need to move into the apartment by July 23, 2000. On 6/26/00 I gave $99 for a deposit and flew back to Chicago. <br> <br>On 7/19/00 I called The Legacy Apartments from Illinois to find out when I could pick up a key to the apartment because I was ready to move my possessions from Illinois into my new apartment. At this time I was told by the Manager that the apartment was not available and would not be available until near the end of August. Being extremely distressed I told the Manager that this was not acceptable because I had already made arrangements to move all of my possessions to the new apartment in two days. <br> <br>The Manager told me that she would see what she could do and call me back in one hour. She did not call back and would not receive my calls the remainder of the day. On 7/20/00 I called the Manager and she told me that I could move into apartment S208 which would be a more expensive apartment. I would have the options to move into apartment P202 when it became available. <br> <br>On 7/20/00 I called the utility companies to connect the gas, electricity, and telephone. <br> <br>On 7/23/00 I arrived at The Legacy for move in and my apartment had been changed back to apartment P202. I signed a lease with The Legacy and amazingly they had no knowledge of any apartment availability problems. They insisted that I was always scheduled to move into apartment P202. <br> <br>While signing the lease it stated the monthly rent would be $840.00. I questioned this because it thought it would be $940.00/month. Again the Manager insisted that I was mistaken and I signed the lease for $840.00/month. Two days later the Manager came to my apartment with a changed lease reflecting that the rent was $940.00/month, I initialed the changes and gave her an additional check for $100.00. <br> <br>Because I was told that I would be switched to apartment S208 I had the utilities charged to apartment S208. When I arrived I moved into apartment P202 so I had to transfer all utilities to P202. In the lease there is an $18.00 utility transfer fee (I assume this is to cover transfer fees when I move out of the apartment). I also incurred two $12.00 transfer fees from the electricity company and an $8.00 transfer fee from the gas company. I went to The Legacy office and I told the Manager that I would incur an additional transfer fee because of the apartment switch and I saw the Manager tell another Employee that I would be reimbursed by The Legacy for these charges. After receiving the statements from the utility companies I showed them to the Manager and asked her about reimbursement and she denied ever saying that I would be reimbursed. She told me that if she had said that she would have put it in writing and that she was sorry for me. Not only do I have to pay the transfer fees for moving into the apartment, out of the apartment and for switching apartments but the Manager point blank lied to me. <br> <br>The lease stated that I am responsible for water also. I thought that this was unusual so asked the Manager about this while signing the lease. She told me that I was responsible and she gave me the telephone number of the water department. I called the water department and they told me that there must be some mistake because the water meter serves several tenants. With all the mistakes that had occurred with The Legacy I assumed that it was indeed a mistake. Also I have lived in seven different apartment complexes in the last 18 years and I have never had to pay for water. On 9/12/00 I was informed by The Legacy that I owed them $27.00. When I went to the office to inquire about the charge I was told that it was for the water but they could not give me a statement showing me what I was paying for (what dates were covered, usage amount…). It was at this time that I was informed that the water bill was split among the tenants. This means that I am not responsible for the water bill, I am only responsible for paying the water bill and being a single male I am paying much more than my share of the bill. <br> <br>When I signed the lease I only received one apartment key and I did not receive the duplicate for 3 weeks. This made things very inconvenient because I had people helping me move in so only one person at a time could have access to the apartment. I did not even receive a copy of the lease for over one week. Most disturbing was that I did not have a mailbox for over One Month. The day I signed the lease I was told that I would receive a mail key in 2-3 days. Each week I asked about the mail key and I was told that it would be any day. This lasted over one month requiring me to drive to the Post Office 2-3 days a week and ask for my mail which was on a construction hold. Obviously this was very inconvenient and the office staff knew the status of the mailboxes and intentionally deceived me. <br> <br>There are also other issues with the condition of the new apartment but I can accept those as more normal problems associated with new construction but may be worthy of discussion. <br> <br>The overall lack of professionalism and honesty make me sincerely regret ever conducting business with The Legacy. <br> <br>PS. I moved out of The Legacy and 7 months after moving out of the apartment I received an electric bill which included the last 4 days of my lease. I moved out 4 days early therefore there should have been no electricity used but The Legacy charged me $1.45 per day for those 4 days. Even when I occupied the apartment my usage was only $0.36 per day. <br>
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