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Horizon At Rock Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/15/2002
here´s a list of things i have noticed living here for nearly a year. <br>-i have found maintenance inadequate, esp when it comes to washer and dryer. <br> <br>-insulation is hardly reliable as when i first noted that my window could not completely shut the maintenance guy simply shrugged it off and said, "don´t open your window." <br> <br>-there is animal waste all over the grass. <br> <br>-when it snowed about a foot i literally saw a worker just stare at the sidewalk and the amount of snow he would have to do and walked away, perhaps he doesn´t like shoveling too much snow. <br> <br>-garage door needs a garage door to be opened, while this statement might sound ridiculous, i don´t think it should be necessary to carry your garage door opener everytime you want to open the garage, rather it might be appropriate to have a key that can manually open the door. <br> <br>-snow on the road often makes the road slipper and at times difficult to enter the garage, making my car stuck in the middle of the road. <br> <br>-Potholes in the road while not terrible is something i would not expect to have in an area this new. islands in the middle of the road also block visibility to see on-coming traffic increasing chances of accidents. <br> <br>-rats are a problem and maintenance does nothing to resolve the problem. <br> <br>-noise is quite audible from below, so i´m sure it is a problem for the people living below us. often times some conversations are clearly heard. <br> <br>-poor design, i have found gaps in the kitchen which is a mismanaged if they had wanted to maximize space. one drawer in the kitchen cannot be opened since it hits the handle of the oven. <br> <br>-failure to notify residents in advance about new fees, example being a recent $5 fee to enter a recreation/community center which we are currently paying for. while it may stipulate that they can add fees, it would be polite to notify residents in advance and give explanation to why. <br> <br>-incompetence at community center, no one is at the main desk to help residents who must go there to pick up packages. <br> <br>-monopoly-like system for providing amenities such as cable and telephone. <br> <br>-in summary this place is nowhere where i would imagine it to be, and that is by no means a compliment. <br> <br>
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Horizon At Rock Creek

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