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Meadows at Meridian



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2007
We were going to rent here a month or so ago...we could not get into the apt right on time and this is the apt we were really looking for. Everything was great the apts looked very nice and the amenities were awesome. However, i paid the deposit knowing my rent was going to be one price and when i got there to sign the lease it was 35 dollars more than what was told to me at first. When confronted i was told the price she had told me at first was the quote on the apt. the day before and then the day we signed the lease-the very next day- the price was 35 dollars higher. Rediculous!!! What rates go up 35 dollars in 1 day!!! To screw people on apt prices!!!!! It was absolutely rediculous. I left without taking the apt because i was not paying that much for a 1 bedroom!!!! The next day we got a call from the lady we had spoken to and she told us she would give it to us for the other price!!! They must need business and people to rent their apts because who does that!! She should have said that the day before!!! To late for that!!! We Moved into another apt. complex for 50 dollars less a month and it is just as nice and it is a gated community We are very happy we are not dealing with that BS!!!! The people in the front office act like they are way better than everyone else....At first they seem very polite and nice...Then you find out that they are really snotty B******!!!!
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Meadows at Meridian

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